Mr Bingo

Mr Bingo es artista, conferenciante e idiota. ¿Qué? ¡No lo digo yo! Él mismo se define así:
Mr Bingo - explanation

Estudió Diseño Gráfico en la Bath Spa University. En 2001 se graduó y se trasladó a Londres donde comenzó a trabajar para clientes como: Oxfam, Carhartt, Nike, la BBC, Channel 4, The New Yorker, The Financial Times, The TATE…

En el 2015 decidió abandonar el trabajo comercial y desde entonces se ha dedicado a crear su marca personal y sus propios proyectos.


Prefiero una vida sin fechas límite, reuniones, conferencias telefónicas, informes breves, enmiendas, comentarios, personas que te dicen qué hacer, dibujar ideas de otras personas y tratar con personas estúpidas.

A muchos ilustradores y personas de la industria creativa se les pide que trabajen gratis, no sé por qué. Pues bien, Mr Bingo en el 2011, tras 10 años de experiencia, seguía recibiendo propuestas de este tipo y decidió responder a todas aquellas personas con el siguiente mensaje:


Te dejo con algunas de sus irónicas e interesantes creaciones que van acompañadas de un breve comentario, realizado por el propio artista, donde explica en qué consiste lo que vemos:

Art of ping pong
Original drawing on a table tennis bat for Art of Ping Pong. The bat sold for 503 fucking quid in a charity auction!

Mr Bingo - Art of ping pong

Mistery Drawing
The Mystery Drawing box sometimes pops up at events. Customers hand Mr Bingo thirty quid and open the drawer to reveal their drawing. No choice. No refunds. First come, first served.

Advent Calendar
Each person represents a day in December. The clothes are printed with a rub removable opaque gold ink (or in layman’s terms – that stuff you get on scratch cards). Hand silkscreened by Harvey Lloyd Screens. You can read more about the 2017 edition here.

Valentines Cards for single people
Valentines Day is a day when smug partners tell each other how great they are and Pizza Express fills up with bored couples who probably should’ve split up years ago but they’re staying together because they can’t face the idea of existing in a cold, dark world on their own. I offered a Valentines card service for single people. Each card was a bespoke piece of hand drawn art and 3 categories were available upon checkout: Romantic, Creepy & Filthy. The service sold out within 18 hours. This is a selection of them.

Hate mail
Hate Mail was conceived in April 2011. Late one night in my studio, alone (and a bit drunk), I was suddenly overcome with an urge to send somebody a vintage postcard from my personal collection, amassed over many years from visits to provincial charity shops and car boot fairs. I stumbled onto Twitter, declaring ‘I will send a postcard with an offensive message on to the first person who replies to this’. Within a couple of minutes around 50 humans had replied. The winner was a Jonathan Hopkins from Forest Hill, who was rewarded with a postcard which read ‘Fuck you Jonathan, fuck you and fuck your shit legs’ (accompanied by a drawing of his legs). I don’t know what Jonathan’s legs look like, or even if he has legs. I fired a photograph of Jonathan’s postcard into the pipes of the internet and as a result, began to receive requests from people all over the world, eager to be verbally and visually abused via the medium of the postcard. A few days later I opened a service, enabling strangers to pay me to tell them to fuck off, and Hate Mail was born. The service proved so popular in its first week that I couldn’t keep up with demand and had to stop doing the fucking things. Since its inception, I’ve reopened the service nine times with all editions selling out in minutes.
You can buy a book of this crap here

Meeting Room Wallpaper
A bespoke wallpaper designed for KesselsKramer’s meeting room in London. They let me do whatever I wanted, so I did. You can view the wallpaper in the flesh if you go to KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square and walk to the back of the gallery.

Mr Bingo - Meeting room wallpaper 1Mr Bingo - Meeting room wallpaper 2Mr Bingo - Meeting room wallpaper 3

Dirty Queen
As one of the rewards for my Kickstarter, I offered “a one off pornographic drawing on an envelope of Queen Elizabeth II, incorporating the postage stamp as her head”. These are some of the resulting artworks.

Various bits from 2001 – 2015
An archive of client and personal work from the past.


Si te han gustado las creaciones de Mr Bingo puedes seguir sus novedades en su webInstagramFacebook y Twitter. Además, tiene tienda online por si te ves con ganas de adquirir alguna de sus obras.

Mr bingo sign